the radder by chelsea granger


The Radder (/ˈrādər/)  shares work by select creators of all modalities / mediums and strives to be ecologically and ethically conscientious. Inspired by being a part of an industrious collective of creative women gathered through Cal Patch during the early aughts in Brooklyn, Sherise Lee later manifested The Radder in 2013 – first as a blog, then as a traveling and online shop.

sherise lee


Lee is a mother, artist, and healer - practicing in both the tactile and the incorporeal. Along with her childhood teachings of Chinese Mysticism through the matriarchs in her family, Lee has been formally taught Stone Medicine, Breathwork, Crystal Healing, Sound Healing, Traditional Usui Reiki and Shamanic Reiki. Jeffrey C. Yuen - 88th generation Daoist master of the Yu Qing Huang Lao Pai & 26th generation Daoist Master of the Quan Zhen Long Men, Book of Stones co-author Naisha Ashian, David Elliott, David Gibson, and Randi Masters are amongst the teachers that Lee has studied directly with.

Lee offers Crystalline Sound Baths and Mineral Workshops. She creates works in clay and glass. She is also a contributor to The New New Age Series: Crystals published by Hat and Beard Press.


To get in touch, contact info is here. For the latest happenings, stay connected mostly through Instagram (turn notifications on & see stories), sometimes News, and occasionally via Newsletter (scroll to bottom of site to sign up).


illustration: Chelsea Granger

photograph: These Days LA Gallery for Lookout & Wonderland's installation